You may have been part of an EarthDay celebration or 3 in the past.  What’s EarthDay coming out of COVID look like? Some local local stuff, a rally in Old Courthouse Square 2pm on EarthDay, April 22, was a great gathering Sat. outside the Petaluma Arts Center, many virtual gatherings and Sunrise Movement and a new Arm In Arm group are painting loads of banners and posters you’ll be seeing around various towns and across freeways!  Good Jobs for All! 

Bill McKibben, my go to guy on climate, says “No more Halfzies on Climate…We’re reaching the end game on the climate crisis” – collapse of the “doomsday glacier” could raise sea levels at least 3 feet, and warming in Alaska and Siberia will cause greatly increased peat fires – exuding huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. And that’s on top of what WE’RE worried about! Fire! Drought! Justice.

The rally at Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa, 2pm on 4/22, is a collaboration between SRJC folks, Sunrise Movement a new entity on the scene, Arm In Arm, and more.  Be there for that shot of unity all activists have been craving.  

And look for the presence of Sunrise Movement posters and banners around several towns as young activists take their posters and banners in hand reading GOOD JOBS FOR ALL, TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT,  WE ARE THE CLIMATE REVOLUTION and WE DESERVE A FUTURE and more.

Noticed in Sun. Chron Pink Section, Ellie Cohen, The Climate Center in Santa Rosa, hosts Grace Cathedral’s Spring Forum, streaming April 19 at 6pm on Facebook and YouTube, free, suggested donation $10. Am sure I’ll sign up. Ellie’s predecessor, Ann Hancock, says  “Roll up your sleeves, everyone. Together we will enact the rapid decarbonization policies that put us on the path for a safe climate, starting in California!” 

At Oasis Farm, outside Petaluma, we’re heavily engaged in creating graphics for fliers and banners to go around the county, mostly Santa Rosa and Petaluma.  We’ve still got our Mutual Aid garden for those who work the land and give  veggies to people who are food insecure, about 40 crates a week.  And we’re scrambling to learn what is actually useful to ask of California legislators as they plan a huge budget to deal with wildfire mitigation, job loss, homelessness, infrastructure, all of 2,500 bills up for adoption or to be shot down in June. Face off with drought and floods and fire, overdue earthquake!

Our need to make sense of this uneven pavement we’re walking has never been more urgent.  Glad for the steady hand of 350 Bay Area, offering a Sat. 4/25, 5pm zoom, NRDC, Nature Conservancy working with the new California-China Climate Institute and so many more.  

Do believe Sonoma County has some special knowledge, can serve as a role model (ex: Petaluma, the first California city to declare No New Gas Stations). HOW to do that is a rollicking, ever changing process, part electoral politics, part people in the street carrying signs, mostly say hurrah for our side…but We Are One, so no sides.

Got to change hearts and minds and listen to science; got to act before the scene is set in stone and we can no longer move the boulder up the mountain.  

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