Live from Luchessi! Goal Setting Session held high hopes…

Before we even got indoors for Petaluma City Council Goal Setting session, friends from WORK Petaluma and Climate Mobilization and others pulled together a rally outdoors. Great, multi-generational crowd! I'd put up fliers downtown. Noticed young folks from Sunrise, NBOP, 350 Petaluma, Daily Acts, Sonoma County Democratic Committee and others. [...]

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Pachamama and CEO of Bucky Fuller Institute – brilliant!

Am grateful everyday at some point, knowing we have become Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance. We get the chance to challenge ourselves and do likely the best work of our lives to help reverse global warming with the support of Pachamama Alliance, SF and globally, as it saves a huge swath [...]

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Wild Ride to Conquer Climate Crisis: Teams lining up!

So I've been out of the writerly loop lately though AMAZINGLY engaged in the political arena. We're now Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance bringing the DRAWDOWN materials from Paul Hawken to Sonoma County city by city (next up: Santa Rosa's Arlene Frances Center Thurs. May 9th). To hopefully get clear on [...]

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Oh, my, Pachamama Alliance Sonoma County here we come!

Wayne and joined a packed Festival Pavilion, Ft. Mason, San Francisco crowd Thursday for the annual Pachamama Alliance fundraising lunch. Sweet potato filled with vegan fritata and quinoa, surrounded by guac and corn compote. Delish nutritious and for a good cause: saving the planet. Seems my good causes are usually [...]

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Bioneers, Daily Acts, DRAWDOWN, Farmers Guild, Center for Climate Protection

So my Oasis Farm and life partner, Wayne Morgenthaler, and I attended a fall bundle of necessary events, sessions led by amazing, brave, smart, guys and gals determined to save the humans from global warming, fire, alienation from nature, the breakdown of the American agricultural system WITH a dedication to [...]

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DRAWDOWN the Intro…amazing work we can engage with!

October 6th we gathered people in the Oasis Community Barn willing and able to DANCE WITH THE MONSTER, global warming and all that entails, and were deeply grateful for the opportunity. Dear friends, Linda Delair and Veronica Jacobi (running for State Senate and a great activist), brought us people, ideas, [...]

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Engage with Global Climate Action Summit (you are needed!)

So, with a background in political science and Berkeley SDS and riots, I'm overwhelmed with the humongous amount of info., characters, YouTubes, videos, webinars and opportunities for interaction with the Global Climate Action Summit and reversing global warming in general. 4000+ delegates! Major corporations pledging to use clean energy. Mayors [...]

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Great RiseforClimate march… Next: Global Climate Action Summit!

RiseforClimate, Sat. 9/8's SF rally calling on global leaders to deepen their committment to renewable energy, jobs and justice, to the Paris climate Agreement,(Save the Planet!), preceded the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) Sept. 12-14 on purpose. The focus on 100% renewable energy was muted a bit by so very [...]

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More on RiseforClimate Jobs and Justice, SAT., noon, Civic Center SF!

So this serves as an intro - or reminder - that multi-thousands of optimists (or activists who just can't let go of a positive outcome) will gather at SF Civic Center, noon on Sat. 9/8 to boost "Keep It In The Ground" - fossil fuels, that is, along with jobs [...]

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RiseforClimate – HUGE rally! SF Sat. Sept. 8th…we’ll be there!

RiseforClimate! So many groups going Sat. Sept. 8th - I'm not even going to list! We're on the bus, the 350.org bus, get tickets!!! North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) also running buses so check w. either for your seat - leaving Petaluma around 10:20am from Lakeville Park & Ride. Glad [...]

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