Tell Joe Biden to fire World Bank climate denier, David Malpass!

So our go-to climate agitator (toward a healthy planet!), Bill McKibben, posted to my new favorite app, Substack: The Global Banker Who is Not Sure the Globe is Warming: As he wrote: "The easiest reason to explain why he’s (David Malpass, CEO, World Bank) got to go is that he’s [...]

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Killed by Police: David Pelaez-Chavez needed help, not bullets

A healthy sense of outrage for the wrongful death of David Pelaez-Chavez was shown by family and friends of the deceased, shot to death on July 29th after a chase near Geyserville found him in a ditch holding a hammer and a garden tiller.   North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) [...]

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Marching with Jobs with Justice @ SoCo Board of Supes

Advocating for Fair Treatment for Farm Workers during Fire Season... A hot Sonoma County early evening and maybe 100 or so Latinex and Mexican farm workers and friends came together outside the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors office July 18th, anticipating a July 19th, 8:30am Board of Supervisors' review of [...]

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Bioneers move us from Othering to Belonging…

So glad I streamed the Bioneers Conference, dearly missing being present at the new location, San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts.  Bet I would have made a couple new friends and political allies, just felt the warmth of being surrounded by kind, smart people working toward Climate Justice and other [...]

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Earth Day for Transit Justice: Mural Painting, Sunrise March

So Wayne and I are going to Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) this Earth Day, Friday 4/22, 9am or earlier to help paint a blocks-long  street mural, a joint effort of more than 30 groups (staying on the street till Oct!), spend some time at the joint Sonoma County Climate Mobilization [...]

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Why Regeneration – and DRAWDOWN are urgent

In the midst of war fever and alarming inflation, climate crisis continues unabated, drought, fire, flood and soon famine and pestilence? All of the above if we don't learn and act on solid science (and massive goodwill) asap.  It's now on us to collaborate on these immense crises. Regeneration: Ending [...]

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Saying farewell to a fine old man

Me and Thich Nhat HahnSome people live after death.Thich Nhat Hahn, They to some,Is one.Gone and still here;Books and Movies;Cassette tape, Being Peace,I took home, Believing my mentor/boss,Henry, meant me to take it.Education.About this time,Having crossed paths with Jerry BrownAt Henry’s, where we hosted campaignMeetings, well, he said he wentSometimes [...]

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This Long Weekend

This Long WeekendWe sit quietly, tired from scrambling toReach everyone we love, realizing we are, Still, essentially alone and cannot reachDeeply enough to do more than bringMomentary joy by saying hello. Or am I wrong in that? Do memoriesContinue to warm us?This long weekend, early fall, winter nearing,When we want [...]

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A Just Transition: HOW is a Better World Possible?

A Just TransitionHOW is a Better World Possible?There is great interest in outcomes of COP26, the UN Summit in Glasgow, Scotland Nov. 1-10. With climate ever more in crisis, we need ACTION now. HOW can that happen? End fossil fuel use. Impossible? Kim Stanley Robinson, author, Ministry for the Future, [...]

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Saving the Planet 2: K.S. Robinson; Paul Hawken, more…

As we endure freaky fires, COVID that doesn't go away, growth of the alt-right, melting ice caps to list a few planetary horrors, can we find a balance with nature, come to Climate Justice; overcome these disasters and the fear that comes with them? Most people hope the rotten stuff [...]

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