This Long Weekend

This Long WeekendWe sit quietly, tired from scrambling toReach everyone we love, realizing we are, Still, essentially alone and cannot reachDeeply enough to do more than bringMomentary joy by saying hello. Or am I wrong in that? Do memoriesContinue to warm us?This long weekend, early fall, winter nearing,When we want [...]

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A Just Transition: HOW is a Better World Possible?

A Just TransitionHOW is a Better World Possible?There is great interest in outcomes of COP26, the UN Summit in Glasgow, Scotland Nov. 1-10. With climate ever more in crisis, we need ACTION now. HOW can that happen? End fossil fuel use. Impossible? Kim Stanley Robinson, author, Ministry for the Future, [...]

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Saving the Planet 2: K.S. Robinson; Paul Hawken, more…

As we endure freaky fires, COVID that doesn't go away, growth of the alt-right, melting ice caps to list a few planetary horrors, can we find a balance with nature, come to Climate Justice; overcome these disasters and the fear that comes with them? Most people hope the rotten stuff [...]

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Ministry for the Future: Kim Stanley Robinson’s DIY Climate Justice!

So we know our world is pretty terrifying; fires, floods, disease, famine (but not on our block).  But we really don't have a clue how to get OUT of danger.  Beyond buying an electric car; way beyond changing your lightbulbs. Bill McKibben, who we've followed since his End of Nature, [...]

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On the march! Sunrise trekkers hike Petaluma June 12

A brigade of Sunrise Movement youth, 18-35, will march through Petaluma Saturday, June 12, enroute to bring their call for action to the homes of Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco where they will paint street murals and chant. Right now they want a Civilian Climate Corps, creating [...]

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Earth Day local/global: Save the Humans!

You may have been part of an EarthDay celebration or 3 in the past.  What's EarthDay coming out of COVID look like? Some local local stuff, a rally in Old Courthouse Square 2pm on EarthDay, April 22, was a great gathering Sat. outside the Petaluma Arts Center, many virtual gatherings [...]

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The Road Ahead: Sonoma County Resiliency Town Hall

Grateful I am that our SoCo board of Supervisors along with responsible, VERY hard working representatives of local climate activist groups, held a first Sonoma County Climate Action and Resiliency Town Hall April 6th. You can view the zoom at YouTube  Sonoma County Climate Action and Resiliency Town Hall  or on [...]

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, alive and well and living in my head…

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, dead at 101; missed by many, made a home for poets and freethinkers. I was impressed and still am. As a 20 something, I hitchhiked across the Bay maybe 10 times from Berkeley to City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, San Francisco, a comb and libary card with [...]

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How to know what’s useful to do now.

So we all took a deep breath of gratitude after the orange ogar left the Capital. But retreat to our couch doesn't do a damn thing save get you fat.  Would rather get outdoors, then stay well informed and take action that is truly useful with some help from great [...]

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Inspiring: Dalai Lama and Greta; The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

We haven't even taken a deep breath since our POTUS was impeached a second time, and I'm feeling more able to think!  Good thing; more work ahead than we've ever done! Who can save us? Us...but let's mentor loads of boys and girls to bring up the rear! So I [...]

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