Sonoma County Tenants Union wins Just Cause for 20,000!

  We did it! proclaims the banner atop the Facebook posting of Sonoma County Tenants Union.  After a hard-fought battle, the Union won a Just Cause protection ordinance so that 20,000+ tenants are proteccted from being evicted withouot cause.  Tenants United Will Never Be Divided!  Petaluma City Council once again [...]

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Why Bioneers matters now more than ever

The Bioneers Conference, podcasts, books and global community has always meant connection with nature to me: "Revolution from the Heart of Nature" as they say - but it's much more and it's wisdom and global community has never been more needed. Moving  towards a Just Transition is heavy work!  And [...]

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Bioneers 2023: From Breakdown to Breakthrough…

Bioneers conferences, now 34 years young, are rich food for the mind, heart and senses. We just went to the 4/8/23 Bioneers first time on Berkeley campus, which I love.  Great combo, Bioneers, smart college kids, and now a partnership with Othering and Belonging Institute, creation of the inspiring, kind [...]

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Bioneers NOW in Berkeley! Breakthrough Solutions for People, Planet

Breakthrough Solutions for People and Planet they offer.   Yea, say I! For 2023, the Bioneers world will live on Berkeley campus  TODAY, Thurs. 4/6 through Sun. 4/9.   Since Berkeley is one of my homes - seen as the philosophical capital of the world by me in my 20's, [...]

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Songwriters in the Round were sweet, funny, dear @ Lost Church

First time for us at The Lost Church, Santa Rosa, formerly a Press Democrat warehouse for loading and tying and distributing newspapers.  Has that antiquish artsy flow to it; interesting chandelair-like lighting, HIGH ceiling with ivy, photos of famous musicians and actors all around.  We liked it immediately.  A home [...]

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Plz come! STOP DIRTY BANKS SF and across the country 3/21!

Tomorrow, Tues. March 21st is a BIG DAY for Just Transition, for the planet!  Here, it's The Third Act's STOP DIRTY BANKS rally @ Wells Fargo Bank, SF, 420 Montgomery, 3:30pm, one of 8 weeks of rallies here held by Extinction Rebellion SF (XRSFBay) with 350BayArea and allied groups to [...]

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You are a V.I.P. Voter? Hope yes!

Dear V.I.P. Voters!  At least I HOPE you will help turn the tide toward a rational, caring culture and away from madness (?) well, terribly unpleasant leaning toward racism, fascism, other isms I don't even want to think about. What do you call it when you're against rule by AI? [...]

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Tell Joe Biden to fire World Bank climate denier, David Malpass!

So our go-to climate agitator (toward a healthy planet!), Bill McKibben, posted to my new favorite app, Substack: The Global Banker Who is Not Sure the Globe is Warming: As he wrote: "The easiest reason to explain why he’s (David Malpass, CEO, World Bank) got to go is that he’s [...]

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Killed by Police: David Pelaez-Chavez needed help, not bullets

A healthy sense of outrage for the wrongful death of David Pelaez-Chavez was shown by family and friends of the deceased, shot to death on July 29th after a chase near Geyserville found him in a ditch holding a hammer and a garden tiller.   North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) [...]

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Marching with Jobs with Justice @ SoCo Board of Supes

Advocating for Fair Treatment for Farm Workers during Fire Season... A hot Sonoma County early evening and maybe 100 or so Latinex and Mexican farm workers and friends came together outside the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors office July 18th, anticipating a July 19th, 8:30am Board of Supervisors' review of [...]

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