Beat poet/musician, G.P. Skratz, is hailed by his publisher as Our Planet’s Resident Fool, or did he compose that himself? Could be. His volume of one-word poems is hilarious…and we greatly enjoyed his presence last two years out back along Water St. Promenade behind Jungle Vibes and Lala’s Creamery. That to take place this time at noon, Sun., Sept. 19th. Check Skratz out at And here’s a current tidbit to muse upon:

(vocal by Michael Bybel / tanpura by G. P. Skratz, 2010)
I’d titled this, “Space Poem,” after a chunk of Gary Snyder’s “As For Poets” in his Pultizer Prize-winning Turtle Island (New Directions, NY, 1974, p.88):

With the Sun and Moon
in his belly,
The Space Poet
No end to the sky–
But his poems,
Like wild geese,
Fly off the edge.

And back to Petaluma Poetry Walk, which I always love, having taped it for PCA five years, the Walk is now in its Baker’s Dozen (13th) year. Fine writing all day and into the night in some very cozy and appropriate venues (Arts Center, Jungle Vibes, Apple Box, Copperfields Books, the Phoenix, Aqus Cafe). Each very special in its way and each a great place to hear the universal language of poetry.

I’m happy with anticipation; a poet meself, doncha know. Mostly unpublished, but piled up in computer files since I was, ah, 18 and occasionally shot off somewheres. In the Chronicle one time, I sent a haiku they ran:

Chaos is held
In abeyance as
We explore the
Nature of love.

Still working on that… and SOMEDAY SOON poems to go to my site and maybe even on paper. Meanwhile, for me and thee, there is the joy and anticipation of the 13th Annual Poetry Walk Sept. 19th. I will relish this one long after it passes by doing YouTubes for all and getting PCA to cover a few hours on Channel 26.

Poetry Walk starts again at Petaluma Arts Center, Lakeville at E. Washington, at 11am, and becomes a stroll through various views of the universe from the heads and hearts of some remarkable writers – moving next to Jungle Vibes and Lala’s Creamery, Water St. Promenade side, for light sass and some deeper intonations from G.P. Skratz, well-known to a broad circle of literary friends throughout the Bay Area as capable of bringing on mirth along with a deeper resonance, a Beat Poet/Musician with flair and a great sense of fun. See his chapbook of One Word Poems at He’ll get to you; give it a minute and you’re hooked!

Skratz once wrote a book about Larry of the 3 Stooges, published with some help from Allen Ginsberg. Guy used to hang w. Whoopi Goldberg early in her days, too and is now found at places like Moes’ Books in Berkeley and great cafes in SF and Oakland. We’ve loved having him at Jungle Vibes the last couple of years. This time I get the best YouTube (lots more practice!) For fun, twisted roots & cast-iron croonin’ check out videos on MySpace
See you at Poetry Walk? You can pick up a program at any of the listed sites.