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The Spring is Sprung, the Grass is Riz – I Wonders Where the Birdies Is…

But I don’t anymore – they’re all around us! The mockingbirds, especially, are in love. They twitter, burst into song, follow along if you send out a particularly endearing string of notes. The scrub jays are chasing them; both want to nest in the clump of blackberry we left for them, Wayne having noted their nests last year. All in all, some may be tire of hearing, I’ve counted 22 varieties of birds at our Oasis Farm on Skillman Lane,… Read More »

Reflections on Cuba: what will we learn? Brave Daily Actors tell their stories 2/27, Seed Bank

So seems I’m writing a lot about events at the Seed Bank lately – we’ve been having a great time putting them together with others! Last week’s showing of Symphony of the Soil was revealing – and we’re practicing some of Paul Kaiser’s techniques this week! Who on earth knows what we’ll learn from Trathen Heckman, Ryan Johnson, Erin Axelrod and friends who just got back from an International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba! I’ve always wanted to visit there and… Read More »

Symphony of the Soil at Seed Bank, 2/13, 7pm: Water savings for AG!

Next Thurs., Feb. 13th, 7pm, Petaluma Grange will co-sponsor a viewing of the fine film, Symphony of the Soil, with Petaluma Seed Bank, 199 Petaluma Blvd. N.,7pm, with guest speaker and one of the film’s subjects, our local guy, Paul Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm outside Sebastopol. Paul is locally famous for his no-till farming practice which saves a great deal of water for farmers. Film trailer is at www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5QYZ DROUGHT is the dreaded word around here if you’re a… Read More »

Pete Seeger lives now in memory; felt like I knew him

So today we learned the revered fellow who put the experience of Folksinging back in our lives, Pete Seeger, died at the ripe age of 94. Extraordinarily full life. Seemed he lived somewhere near, challenging the powers that be to treat all of us with respect, and as he produced his music, strings of memories of close, loving times when family and friends sang together in our homes or amphitheaters. He was a great booster of the SING-A-LONG as a… Read More »

Thought to share our Oasis Farm holiday letter…good news from the land!

So 2013 was wonderful and hard work and now wonderful again as we’ve moved into the House on the Hill that Wayne designed and built. Lots of people will be invited just after we settle in…here’s our letter to Friends of Oasis Farm just outside Petaluma city limits on Skillman, 2nd driveway on the right past Lombardi’s barbecue. You’re welcome to come walk about and eggs are generally available, first come basis, for $5. 35 happy chickens roaming the front… Read More »

Yes, you’re invited! Petaluma Grange Holiday Hootenanny, Seed Bank, Mon. Dec. 16th, 6:30pm

Petaluma Grange hosts its first ever Holiday Hootenanny at the Petaluma Seed Bank, NEXT Mon., Dec. 16th, 6:30pm; you’re invited – and I’d appreciate an RSVP to granger@petalumagrange.com to count the heads of you plus another you might bring. Petaluma Grange has met in the Seed Bank a couple of yrs. now, boosting GMO labeling, Move to Amend’s effort to recind Citizens United ruling that Corporations are People (No; We the People!). We’re FOR good health and good cheer; resilience… Read More »

Great for Thanksgiving weekend: 3 heroes! Wendell Berry w. Bill Moyers, Bill McKibben

So I listened for the third time, and found this interview my favorite this year, with Naomi Klein on energy 2nd fav. Wendell Berry, ecology visionary, poet, author, Bill McKibben says “He’s a prophet of responsibility”. Take a listen/watch at http://billmoyers.com/?gclid=COi78tbVjbsCFYiSfgodbF8AUQ Vandana Shiva’s in on it, too. Previously aired October 4th. “People who own the world outright for profit will have to be stopped, by influence, by power, by us,” said Berry. “Well I have grown more radical the older… Read More »

The Grange, Sunflower Center at Pachamama luncheon. Amazing Grace…

The Pachamama Alliance luncheon at Fort Mason last week was amazing. 1,000 people? Dressed festively, GREAT bite (purple rice, what were those nuts? Kuri squash?) Will attempt to learn these foods, and the PEOPLE and their various messages were heartwarming and inspiring. More, the Awakening the Dream Symposium has reached maybe millions of people now, engaging them in actions to move towards a more humane, livable planet. Haven’t seen another group do this this well…take note. Just now watching OneRepublic… Read More »

Tracing History in Her Art, Pat Morgenthaler’s Redwood Cafe show Nov. 20-Jan 14; reception Nov. 24th

I’ve much enjoyed the many paintings of Pat Morgenthaler lo these many years; she’s Mother to my partner, Wayne, with whom I share Oasis Community Farm just outside city limits. First years, I viewed her work in Fullerton, CA, near LA, but see them upclose now as she lives on the Eastside of Petaluma and has nearly all represented in her presentation book, as jpegs or hanging in her home. Of course, some of her work lives in other homes… Read More »

Bioneers Turning Vision into Action: Cheering section for serious planet healers…

Bioneers Conference is essential to me. MUST go tomorrow. Fri- Sun. 10/18-20, Marin Civic Center. http://conference.bioneers.org/ So as I said on Yelp! (where son, Jon, says, when he builds an app, 40 million people use it) “Bioneers is the one conference I never miss – or I’d feel like I missed spending time with my family. It’s terrifying, electrifying and deeply satisfying to be among 3,000 or so people who believe in saving the planet and each other from our… Read More »