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Connie Madden wishes you wit, compassion, mindfulness

Frances Moore Lappe’ at rollout of N. Coast Heritage Grain Alliance

First visit to the Healdsburg SHED “a modern grange” was quite wonderful. Had come to hear Frances Moore Lappe’at the rollout of the North Coast Heritage Grain Alliance, a very hopeful combinatiion. Info on NCHGA is at http://www.grainalliance.org/news.html Their mission: To provide California’s North Coast region with education and support to build a sustainable local grain economy. Our vision is a t´╗┐hriving, well-connected community collaborating to ensure a robust regional grain economy. We support the exchange of best practices to… Read More »

Climate Mobilization TOMORROW in Oakland (11/21) called by 350.org and 199 groups!

Come if you at all can…10:30am at Lake Merritt Amphitheater. May still be room on a bus (check for bus info and to rsvp. But, of course, there’s plenty of room on the grass so just come if you can! There isn’t anything more important than dealing with climate crisis as we look to 190 nations (Jerry Brown as a NATION!) coming together in Paris 11/30-12/11. Crossing fingers these mostly guys come to a real agreement on pushing back climate… Read More »

Petaluma Grange Emergency Forum offers advice to save livestock

So Petaluma Grange President, Tiffany Renee, her helpful techie husband, Jaimey Walkingbear and Grange Secretary/video editor, Kelly Collins pulled together an excellent talk and workshop on how to protect and take care of animals in emergencies Wednesday night at the Library. Petaluma Community Access (PCA) sent two camera people and Kelly will edit the footage so after a bit there will be sales of a video as a fundraiser after it shows on our local public access TV. Tiff and… Read More »

Engaged Optimism @ Building Resilient Communities Convergence, Hopland Oct. 9-12

Fall and we’re all ampted up to get stuff done before winter, the holidaze. Tough to keep deadlines whirring while thinking of all the problems that beset man and woman kind – but, thankfully, some skillful, dedicated people are in the trenches daily to do the heavy lifting for and with us. Transition US and Daily Acts are working overtime with allies Permaculture Skills Center, Oxidental Arts and Ecology and scores of friends to produce the first ever convergence just… Read More »

Seed Satyagraha: Civil Disobedience to End Seed Slavery fr. Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva, author of 20 books including Water Wars Privatization Pollution and Profit and Making Peace With the Earth was again keynote speaker at the National Heirloom Festival, called “The World’s Fair of Pure Food,” this week. She was again insightful and inspiring the audience to action. “Control seed and you control life,” says she, then quoting Henry Kissinger “Control oil and you control nations; control food and yo control the people.” If it is true as reported that 70%… Read More »

Save Our Seeds: March at Ferry Bldg., 11am TODAY…

YOU COULD JOIN IN IF YOU LEAVE NOW – OR STAY TUNED AND FIND A WAY TO FIGHT THIS BACKWARD MOTION: Great thing to join a huge crowd of people actually attempting to be do-gooders – at the Ferry Bldg. SF 11am TODAY to march to Civic Center. AB2470, the CA Seed Law, prohibits farmers from selling (our future food!) seed. Makes absolutely NO sense to me – who’s making a profit from this? Email just now from Bob McFarland,… Read More »

Sylvia Boorstein, the Four Noble Truths and Peace Alliance…great direction

Spirit Rock has been my touch stone where matters of peace and contemplation are concerned since my 29 year old was 6, and so it is with joy that I’ve returned several times recently to the wonderful sitting and lecture practice of Sylvia Boorstein’s Wednesday morning class; she’s not there every week, she’s called upon by other meditation centers, but you can sometimes catch her several weeks in a row. So I did. And now I’m signed up to join… Read More »

Toby Hemenway at the Seed Bank, hope, joy, community

The Seed Bank was packed last Thursday as Permaculture hero, Toby Hemenway, introduced his new tome, The Permaculture City, to a hopeful room full of people who espouse resilience (the capacity to recover from difficulties; toughness is one definition) and an underlying community that supports that. It’s assumed you know overcoming the challenges of climate crisis is a prime concern; building more close-knit and healthy cities is the focus. In the process, people get happy! See details at www.chelseagreen.com/the-permaculture-city Most… Read More »

True Stories: Project Censored the Movie at Aqus

Project Censored the Movie is more than relevant: should be required viewing to keep your mind functioning well according to me. Trailer at: “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF-DAJlvX4E” http://www.bohemian.com/binary/9555/1366141896-pc_the_movie.jpg Great conversation followed Metta Center’s showing of this brilliant movie last Sunday night at Aqus Cafe, part of a film series created by Petaluma Grange and Daily Acts with Metta Center with help from John Crowley and Diane Gentile, Aqus Community. Most of us missed the showing awhile ago at Boulevard, so packed Aqus (again)… Read More »

Ferry the English Channel, say goodbye to Paris…

Images: La Vachalcade, Fernand Pelez tribute to poor ethnic children around Montmartre, MAD’S Great Moments of Advertizing, La Louvre picking up sunset colors, a Picasso Minataur (there’s a whole series), typical ceiling at Versailles, Jeff Koons showing off with his then-wife, an Italian porn star and member of parliament, in the infamous Made in Heaven series, a Marc Chagall window on a Jewish Museum, La Tour Eiffel at sunset. While in Paris, we were invited to join dear friends, Patty… Read More »