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Democracy Spring! Arrests continue in call to end $$$$ in politics.

“Hundred of People Were Just Arrested,” proclaims today’s headline from The Nation Magazine – while CNN, Fox News and other “major” media barely cover this amazing march, sit-in and civil disobedience on the Capitol steps. The 140-mile march from the Liberty Bell in Philadephia to Washington D.C. was undertaken by hundreds; now ongoing sit-ins and arrests on the capital steps aim to end corruption in politics. The protests promise to be ongoing at least through the weekend with the coaltion… Read More »

Democracy Spring! March on Washington April 2nd – 12th!

Democracy – Is it still possible to rebuild America’s democratic promise for the greater good of all? Over 100 progressive organizations are merging April 2nd in Philadelphia, and some marching the 140 miles to Washington D.C. with high hopes of accomplishment. Democracy Spring will be “Louder than words,” says In These Times writer, Jessica Kozik, of the ten-day hike to demand an end to the influence of big money in politics. Democracy Spring and its sister group, Democracy Awakening, are… Read More »

Help BAN carcinogenic pesticide…Glysophates Forum, 3/11, Seed Bank, 6pm FREE – register

You CAN have a voice in banning pesticides in SoCo that kill bees, harm small animals, are known as carcinogens by the EPA and World Health Organization (WHO). We’re calling for a one-year ban to seriously stop this and check it out. Come to the Seed Bank, Wed. 3/11, 6om; your voice will be heard and you can join others working to make our county more truly resilient by protecting our pollinating insects – necessary to grow our crops! Small… Read More »

100,000 Poets for Change presents “And Still I Rise” at Gaia’s Gardens TOMORROW

Friday, 2/26, 7pm, Gaia’s Gardens a fine veggie restaurant and hangout I am told, 1899 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, brings100,000 Poets for Change, poetry, music and activism in focus with a one-night stand, And Still I Rise, an evening inspired by a poem and book from acclaimed American poet, Maya Angelou. The event includes reading by a host of fine Sonoma County poets – and I’m included! Shepherd Bliss, host of the new KOWS FM radio show, A Better World… Read More »

What’re you doing OSCAR NIGHT? The Envelope, Please 2/28 at the Mystic…

So it’s good news to me Petaluma will have its own free speech radio station, KPCA, 103.3, sometime this spring thanks to the diligent work of many at Petaluma Community Access TV (PCA cable channels 26, 27 and 28). I’m dreaming up my costume till its tasty. Or whatever. Incognito sounds intriguing but I’m definitely NOT coming black tie! To celebrate, raise a glass and raise funds, PCA is hosting The Envelope, Please, a super fun gala taking place Oscar… Read More »

Get thee to Petaluma Art Center Member Show! Through SUN. 1/24.

Stopped off end of errand time at Petaluma Arts Center – sorry to have missed a few great exhibits; Scott Hess’s Black Artists on Art among those, sadly. So determined NOT to miss our friends in the Members show. I counted EIGHT exhibitors we know well. Wonderful talented imaginative transportational…what do you say? Loved seeing so much playful and artful and thoughtful work by friends! Here are a few: So glad to see the works of friends! Sabrina Campbell’s dark… Read More »

A Better World is Possible: Shepherd Bliss, Richard Heinberg, KOWS FM Mon. 1/18, 5pm

On A Better World is Possible – new RADIO show on KOWS FM – Shepherd Bliss interviews Richard Heinberg Mon. 1/18, 5pm. Hear a clear and studied explanation of how we’re doing vs. climate change from Heinberg, an early leader in the field, whose books include Peak Everything, The Party’s Over and the End of Growth among others. Host, Shepherd Bliss is owner/farmer at Kokopelli Farms outside Sebastapol, is a critical thinking professor at Dominican College and a journalist and… Read More »

Nobody talks about New Year’s Cleaning…

I guess we all need a good brainwashing about now? I don’t mean others imposing their will on yours – I mean clearing of the heads, hearts, figuring out what you actually want to do with your hands. Clearing the cobwebs; removing the lint. This would be New Year’s Cleaning? I DO notice the spider’s creations I missed in Xmas cobbing; I DO notice I want another set of sheets, but, come on, go deeper. I will now recommit to… Read More »

Pray for Paris! Keep fossil fuels in the Ground! Go Jerry, save planet!

COP21, the UN Climate Conference coming to Paris TODAY..”never have the stakes been so high” – 181+ heads of state have made pledges – including our own Jerry Brown arriving as if he’s President of a country! Mayors from all over our country were rounded up by Robert Redford. The message from Redford and Brown (and NASA scientist/physicist, James Hansen) is similar: Act NOW or face catastrope. And we don’t know if acting now CAN prevent catastrope. A huge question… Read More »

Frances Moore Lappe’ at rollout of N. Coast Heritage Grain Alliance

First visit to the Healdsburg SHED “a modern grange” was quite wonderful. Had come to hear Frances Moore Lappe’at the rollout of the North Coast Heritage Grain Alliance, a very hopeful combinatiion. Info on NCHGA is at http://www.grainalliance.org/news.html Their mission: To provide California’s North Coast region with education and support to build a sustainable local grain economy. Our vision is a t´╗┐hriving, well-connected community collaborating to ensure a robust regional grain economy. We support the exchange of best practices to… Read More »