All Hallow’s Eve is huge in the party world – rediscovering who you really are – who you wanted to be when you were eight? Of course, if you have kids, helping THEM find their persona and costume to match. Maybe even SEWING it! Trick ‘R Treat Trails runs all through downtown Petaluma Sunday afternoon. In Jungle Vibes (136 Petaluma Blvd. N.), this is way fun when Bonnie Cromwell brings her Classroom Safari exotic animals and Doug Hall his HandsOnSnakes. Kids light up; I take YouTubes and still shots. All’s you need is to give me your email. Free and Noon till 5pm.

Halloween usual for us was to have 100 people over to our Cave warehouse, but now we’re living on the land and building a new house and barn – so next year watch for Oasis Farm parties-in-the-barn. Partyless, I needs must check in with what’s up in town. We’ll start with the El dia de los Muertos Procession starting on Water St. Sat. 10/30 at 6pm behind Jungle Vibes and Lala’s Creamery, proceeding to the wonderful display of alters and paintings at Petaluma Arts Center.

My tradition for the Procession is a black veil, a lit candle in a metal holder and then I feel connected to beloved ghosts who have left this earth for wherever they are now. Feel they are floating nearby. You may have another version. I connect to the Spanish culture belief that the Day of the Dead is a time when the veil between living and dead is most transparent and we can converse with those who have left us. Agree or not, joining the Procession is guaranteed to lift your spirits!

And THEN, at 9:30pm Sat., the new evolution of Aqus Cafe, Club Aqus, hosts The Monster Mash in collaboration with Graffitti Restaurant and a DJ! Sounds like perfect w. costume prizes. for tickets. Benefits Carousel Fund.

Earlier, I’ll walk for the highly esteemed Mayor Pamela Torliatt, one super candidate for Supervisor with her many responsible years working for us (starting in High School) and a degree in Political Science to boot. She helped create our General Plan, the Central Specific Plan to revitalize our famous downtown, currently focuses on job creation and truly sustainable lifestyle for our county. Mentored by Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey (coming out to walk for Pam!) Pam makes good sense and takes all the hours necessary (due diligence) to understand complex issues so we don’t have start from scratch. Mayor Pam knows we need her to protect OUR interests, so that is what she does. Consistently and for years. Best qualification for County Supervisor.

Only interested in candidates who are dedicated to protecting our interests – so that puts me squarely behind our former and future Mayor Dave Glass, Teresa Barrett and newcomer, Jason Davies for Petaluma. That’s my Positive Spin locally.

Stateside, I’m for Jerry Brown, who I used to argue with about what makes a great school. He said military academy for boys without fathers; I said the arts are necessary to build imagination. Oakland now has a military charter school and an arts academy; he’s proud of both and says “California is a State of Imagination!” Agreed. And he knows his way around Sacto.

But back to Halloween fun. Fall is daunting when the rains come for days and not the sun, when people are out of work or worried. So fun is an essential to avoid the alternative.

Occasionally, I check Dr. Andrew Weil’s site to check for new wrinkles. For aging well, he says close friends are MOST important, second exercise, and third diet. Am finding with close friends helping at turning points, turning our farm’s salsa garden into sauce and pumpkins into soup and pie, the Oasis Farm seems to hum along. Music to my ears!

Wishing you all great friends, enough exercise and good diet (hint: begin growing your own!) And Happy All Hallow’s Eve to you and yours!