Got myself down to the River for the Revival and it was all good – thousands (perhaps 8,000?) of happy people being good and adorable.
Great outfits; marriages $5 – on the spot; not many water birds (which I see every time along this McNear Peninsula, but lots of colorful young folk from ages maybe 6 weeks to 89 years young.

You’ve seen pictures; I took some, attached.

What I most appreciated?
– The sweet, warm feeling of a Lagunitas beer on this happy sunny day, my choice, Censored, the one Wayne and I drink together if we are at Kate Wolf Festival (which I kept flashing back to).
– Great outfits on great gals – Lorna Johnson and Linda St. Andrews, the great smiles on bride and groom, Beth-she-used-to-be-Meridith and Eric Storm (gave them hugs)
– The Save Shollenberger booth where we spoke w. sweet/strong Joan Cooper and her friend and mentor, Bill Kortum, who has fulfilled this role for so many for so many years. Loved the “photo booth” – must go online now and pick up my photo w. feather boa, taken by also adorable Sherri Cheblowski, and the wildly cute young man with the RED mohawk. Told his dad he’s gonna be an actor; already is.
– The oh-so-fun Transporter created by di Falco Fabrications – what a kick riding in it! Want to borrow it sometime for a gathering at our Oasis Farm…will bargain w. David di Falco…
– Just the incredible pretty gorgeous views of our Petaluma River from all sides including the new Foundry Wharf pocket park across the water.
– The thought that went into the highly successful, upbeat, playful day
– Cheery and appropriate music provided by young hi-energy bands (two videos in the pix attached)
– Walking on the rocky dock to the quirky Fish boat – I AM BRAVE!
– Rediscovering friends and catching up with a whole lot of those.
The Revivalists won the day – and my heart.

If you didn’t make it, help out and show up next year!