The Days Are Just Packed, perhaps my fav Calvin and Hobbes, is true here this weekend in our sweet little River town. Progressive Festival #15 is Sunday; Rivertown Revival #2 on Saturday. Both HUGE fun in their own, very different, ways.

Sat., if you enjoy your River, your townspeople and others who are fascinated by Steam Punk attitude, designer boats, great costumes and music, food and a Lagunitas Beer Garden, come absolutely come, to the newly named David Yearsley River Heritage Center at the end of Copeland – the bus hub – off D Street. Great fun promised! Check the Facebook at

From their FB page:
Come on down July 21st to the 3rd Annual Rivertown Revival!

It’s a Carnival at the Barn, so dress up in your “Barnival Best” and
giddyup in your getup.

Enjoy local foods, local performers, and local beer. Witness aerial acts of daring do over the salty slough. Enjoy live music all day across three stages, and more great grub than you can shake a stick, fist, or tambourine at.

Admission is only five dollars and for another five bucks, a local maritime official will perform your very own wedding ceremony. Note that our $5 wedding are BYOP, as in bring your own partner, or pardner.

So I attended last year, somebody gave me tickets for drinks and food; sweet. Rode the Burning Man vehicle (forgot what he called it) – felt free and a tad wild just sitting on the seat while its maker rode me around. He’ll be back again with friends; may never get to Burning Man, but some of that comes to us at this super joyful day at the end of Steamer Landing Park, River Heritage Center – and come back Sundays 11-1 for FREE BOAT RIDES.

Another DON’T MISS is the 15th Annual Progressive Festival, this year 2 months early, still just as packed with great speakers; don’t miss the fine political theater of San Francisco Mime Troupe, the politicking of up and coming City Council hopefuls, a chance to hear our own Lynn Woolsey at the end of her 20 YEAR reign as our Congresswoman Extraordinaire. Just now realizing how very brave she was in this role – calling for the end of war when few were willing to even think about it. Still need that, and she’s now endorsed Jared Huffman for her spot, Jason Davies for Council. Thanks, Lynn, for all you’ve done.

Add to all this the tables of activists actually getting good stuff done, asking you to join or support, the wonderful lineup of speakers, again, funny/serious/ethical/smart Jim Hightower “America’s #1 Populist” – which means he’s FOR you whether you read him or not (and do). Check out the Hightower Lowdown at His most famous book: Thieves in High Places. What a guy – he belongs here with us at the Progressive Festival #15 – and so do you? Expect 3,000 people who care about the future of our planet. AND good food! And Medea Benjamin, founder, Code Pink, political comedian, Will Durst, former Green Party candidate for President, David Cobb and more…way more.