So felt cramped up sitting too long at this MacBook and HAD to get out for a walk, solo. My usual walking partners off various places.

Hadn’t seen Shollenberger, our miles long bird sanctuary and great walking trail for months – and that is too long. Took myself out there late afternoon and saw a thousand birds or so, the glorious sunset reflected in various pools of water, some of my best photos ever (see below). Go yourself; bring a friend; bring a dog!

Often recall walking Shollenberger during a rain storm. The storm happened near the North end of the part while I walked in the sun on the South side. Didn’t get much rain by the time I got back to where I had been watching it fall into the water.
Believe I had the Black Lab, Pepper, with me then, so used to her, she was just a part of me.

Shollenberger, if you don’t know, is about 2.4 miles, but if you start at the Sheraton Hotel, you can stretch it out to a 6 mile hike – all beautiful. Enjoy…and then there is Helen Putnam.