So seems I’m writing a lot about events at the Seed Bank lately – we’ve been having a great time putting them together with others! Last week’s showing of Symphony of the Soil was revealing – and we’re practicing some of Paul Kaiser’s techniques this week!

Who on earth knows what we’ll learn from Trathen Heckman, Ryan Johnson, Erin Axelrod and friends who just got back from an International Permaculture Convergence in Cuba! I’ve always wanted to visit there and was greatly encouraged by the way Cubans banded together to help each other out when Russia pulled their energy (literally) out and Cuba had to stand on its own (after many many years of severe trade restrictions imposed by US, their near neighbor). So now we’ll hear about how that deep learning they had to do of necessity can translate into what we adopt, probably also out of necessity!

Perhaps we think the lovely warm weather is good – it looks good – but we know we’ve got trouble when spring is “different” and many many trees died from frost, when people are “letting their animals go” – killing them off – due to drought where the feed usually comes from. And that’s just what hits us here.

I always want to be a local/global thinker and doer, so this panel is very appealing! And we’ll serve snacks made from stuff we grow somewhere near you! Co-sponsored by Petaluma Grange, Seed Bank, Daily Acts, the room will fill up fast…so save your seat at

Details from Daily Acts here: