Petaluma Grange at Lydia's - Bringing it Home and The Dream Farmers

Petaluma Grange at Lydia’s – Bringing it Home and The Dream Farmers

So have to admit I got hornswaggled by all the hoopla into thinking industrial hemp was already legalized. It ISN’T legal to plant hemp in California – yet! YES, there is a bill crafted by Mark Leno (thank you!) with a nudge from California State Grange (this nudge beginning in the year 2000 and continued through three Governorships) and the bill passed our CA State Senate, but NO, industrial hemp is not legalized in California – yet.

So why is Petaluma Grange hosting a Hemp History Week celebration at Lydia’s Sunflower Center Sat. June 7th? California State Grange has championed legalized hemp because hemp-the-non-druggy plant is big business for farmers, used to make auto parts, clothing, Nutiva (on sale at Safeway, Whole Foods, GNC and more) and Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps. According to SFGate article in 2012 by Andrew Ross:

“Helped by praise for its nutritional benefits from Dr. Oz and Martha Stewart – “enjoy hemp seeds lightly toasted,” Stewart recommends – the hemp-based food market was estimated at $40 million in 2010 (excluding sales at chain groceries such as Whole Foods and Safeway), according to Spins, a firm that analyzes the natural products industry. Hemp is “one of the fastest-growing trends” in natural food, Errol Schweizer, Whole Foods’ global grocery coordinator, told Bloomberg in March.”

For my part, I’m glad we’re boosting Hemp History Week (now in its 5th year) and we get to celebrate with a film, Bringing it Home, Q&A with Anna Owen and then a dance party w. band, The Dream Farmers, a world/funk/blues band we hear is great for dancing. Sliding scale – and $10 donation requested for the band and filmmakers – and our Grange!