So what’s up at Bioneers’ 27th Conference at the still glorious Marin Civic Center (a turquise marvel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and kept beautiful by the people of Marin)?

Keynotes this time are Bill McKibben (who told me farming was the most important thing we could when I bought his book and we were starting our Oasis Farm outside Petaluma); Erica Huggins sounds wonderful (worked with Black Panthers; was a political prisoner, teaches prisoners how to meditate and teaches Sociology at Merritt Junior College), Janine Banyas (Biomimcry proponent teaches a great deal of natures instructions for living), and a whole string of quite marvelous speakers and workshops leaving me always with connection, hope, challenge and the memories of past Bioneers Conferences that focused, inspired and changed our lives.

This conference takes place Thurs. Oct. 20- Mon. Oct. 24th. I can’t miss Bill McKibben Sat. Oct. 22nd, noon, on status of climate crisis and plan to hear as many speakers as possible. McKibben, author, professor, lecturer is brave enough to show up and get arrested in efforts to reverse the damage we’ve already done by burning fossil fuels and sets college students and others across the country on the path to push administrators to divest money from the fossil fuel industry – a huge amount of funding moved away from a very bad investment for the future of our planet.

Bioneers is so many things I treasure. I’ve always seen it as the go-to for updates on the health of our planet and its hope to survive climate and social changes that threaten us with species extinction and even human extinction! If we keep going the way we are – and its horrid to people who don’t believe what science tells us – we could very well be the last era of man. Not kidding!

Here’s a scary bit from the UK Guardian:

Human impact has pushed Earth into the Anthropocene, scientists say a
New study provides one of the strongest cases yet that the planet has entered a new geological epoch
(Fishermen float onboard a boat amid mostly plastic rubbish in Manila Bay, the Philippines (photo). Humans have introduced 300m metric tonnes of plastic to the environment every year.

There is now compelling evidence to show that humanity’s impact on the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans and wildlife has pushed the world into a new geological epoch, according to a group of scientists.

The question of whether humans’ combined environmental impact has tipped the planet into an “Anthropocene” – ending the current Holocene which began around 12,000 years ago – will be put to the geological body that formally approves such time divisions later this year.

The new study provides one of the strongest cases yet that from the amount of concrete mankind uses in building to the amount of plastic rubbish dumped in the oceans, Earth has entered a new geological epoch…

“What this paper does is to say the changes are as big as those that happened at the end of the last ice age. This is a big deal.”

SO – ready for it? We’ve got such a huge amount of work to do we may not be able to save ourselves. BUT, with the help of Bioneers Radio and the Conference, we can at least get some good cheerleading, give each other solid support for the monumental challenges living on earth are putting back squarely in our faces. That’s why I keep going and hope you will!

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