So Wayne and I along with a whole bus load of good friends made our priviledged way to SF aboard a bus with a toilet. Posh when you add champagne, chocolate, cheese and crackers. Sweetness of shared song, kids, dogs, sunshine, purpose…the energy of the Women’s March (in SF) was huge when a roar would work its way through – and I want to hold onto that and build something strong that is at this point nameless. A tribe? A community that is at least linked through social media, projects and, drat, could have said bring me your ideas for uses for our community barn. Some will come through anyway from individual conversations and bits of paper reminding us of
Texting with Rapid Response at and Janice Cader Thompson is texting people (with what messages?) and there’s still a postcard group meeting at Aqus Cafe for over a year now sending cards to swing states to lean into elections. Good work, friends! More to come right away!

Too many worries: social justice, nuclear war(!!!), sexual harrassment, robots! WOW! Hawaii had to be afraid of a nuke?!? What are we getting into and how to back out? Terrifying time in history. Placed a Whole Foods chocolate decadence cake infront of our friend, Zeb, and he grinned and said something like “So you think if I’m here these terrible things won’t happen?” To which I just added umhumm with a big grin. Just don’t go away friends! Come closer, please.

And then there’s the Free SRJC event – Bill Perry’s Nuclear Nightmare, Thurs. Mar. 29th, 12:15p – my nightmare since I was 5? Recall listening to jets overhead from Melrose Park, Ill, and thinking, but never telling anyone “is that a Russian plane with a bomb?” No, no, no – make FRIENDS with Russians! And everyone possible.

Not time to give up; time to focus and get *sh*t done. Perhaps the march in DC was the largest in history? Must overcome a certain meanness, increased rascism, somehow help refugees – we don’t want them here? What?!?
“Progress takes time but we’re seeing huge strides – reaction to an administration, but people getting turned into activists hopefully to create a revolution,” random quote from NPR show.

“One positive thing, a shift in our consciousness. A year ago, when people talked about sexual assault everyday people are having these discusions at the dinner table.” Yes means yes – great – now to agree to what we all want – Peace in the World or the World in Pieces. That means sharing what you’ve got and finding ways to make everyone safe so sanity is the rule of the day not the craziness we’re currently slogging through.

GRL’s who will rule their world – we hope!

Linda’s Precious kids

Make love not war guy[/caption]

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