Suzi Creamcheese as a young thing in the house.

So I haven’t written TOO much about chicken communications, though they take a fair share of mindspace each day, what with about 60 of the critters, but Suzi Creamcheese has died and needs to be remembered.  Didn’t seem ill; she just got terribly tired one day so I put her under a fig tree and she quietly expired.  Hope I can follow suit when that time comes! She talked to me often and always listened, glad for the reasurance of having her feet held, something that is a bit of a miracle with chickens; like little kids, they melt immediately and feel safe when you hold their hands!

She was my closest chicken friend and for years I carried her around daily, gave food and water separately and put her out under trees to bit off bits of greens.

You see, Suzi was  a cripple; brought upstairs in our house when tiny so we could keep an eye on her and the brood she sprung from, 25 baby Rhode Island Reds – but Suzi was a tad ornery so she was not one to stay in her box, and  jumped out  (didn’t know she COULD do that) and jumped down one flight of stairs, and when returned to her box, she did it a SECOND time, resulting in damage to both feet that lasted her 6 years or so on the planet.  She got her head bitten by everyother chicken as a runt, so I fed her by herself or with friendly girls and one sweet rooster in the barn. I took her at times for  greens, time in partial sunlight and to hear frog song, something I relish of an evening.

And whereever her little chicken heart went, if reincarnated, am thinking she could make a pretty good service animal!

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