Just when you think things are getting ugly in our world,
something beautiful happens right in front of you!  Fawn under the curly willow, Oasis Community Farm

Was it day before yesterday when I spoke for awhile with a fawn? Well, does she count as a fawn when probably nearly a year old? Will have to look that up. What I would say about the morning I met her was that I was much calmer – or is it much more intune or happier or more awake; yes, more awake after talking with the fawn. They come about once a week but we’ll be having 2 chocolate labs living here in a day or so- so maybe goodbye deer?  At least I shot her with my phone/camera and it may be better for chickens to be a little afraid and stay near their barn.

So today I know talking with a fawn is quite a bit like talking with the chickens, petting the cat, hugging Wayne – it’s GOOD FOR ME, it’s the result we want from meditation. It’s the whole We Are One bit.  It’s a blessing.

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