First time for us at The Lost Church, Santa Rosa, formerly a Press Democrat warehouse for loading and tying and distributing newspapers.  Has that antiquish artsy flow to it; interesting chandelair-like lighting, HIGH ceiling with ivy, photos of famous musicians and actors all around.  We liked it immediately.  A home for creatives. Wine & beer.

Were lured here  by the fact that we missed the previous sold-out performances of Songwritiers in the Round @ Lost Church so determined to go this time, plus we’d been visited here at Oasis Community Farm the night before when we set up a reasonable sound system and invited Al Haas, Chris Samson and a few others to perform Songs of Protest as they had previously at Aqus Cafe, orchestrated by Al.  So glad to have them iniatiate what will be for sure a lot more music in our barn.

And I get to sing! I love to sing as many do and now am encouraged to do so by Ken Burkett, a country western guy who comes over on his motorcycle with guitar slung over his backside.  So far singing John Prine and Townes Van Zant (never heard of the guy but we’re learning!)  Am supposed to sing harmony but so far fudge with singing a key higher.

Anyhow, these Songwriter guys and Emily, the gal with the dynamite voice, these Songwriters in the Round, carried alot of nostalgia to their audience. Songs about misadventures in travel, a lost brother, growing wiser, getting sad drinking beer when what you want is to be loved.  That was the final song; everyone singing I Want You to Love Me.  As Baba Ramdas says more loudly on Instagram now that he’s gone: LOVE EVERYBODY.

So I didn’t recall most lyrics but some stuck and some vocalizations were especially sweet and we will want to hear from them again, hopefully before too long and possibly in our community barn!  Seating for 60-70. 

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