Breakthrough Solutions for People and Planet they offer.   Yea, say I! For 2023, the Bioneers world will live on Berkeley campus  TODAY, Thurs. 4/6 through Sun. 4/9.  

Since Berkeley is one of my homes – seen as the philosophical capital of the world by me in my 20’s, I’ll be something like thrilled to be again at the Bioneers Conference #34(!) to gather with like minded folks who would really rather live on a healthy planet with loving people. We’ll just do Saturday this time, but I highly recommend the whole conference as it is a community that will lift you up not just momentarily but remain a backdrop for all your other thinking and feeling until the next time. What a contribution to our life!

Bioneers has been a vision to live by so many times. When Bill McKibben came to tell us about facing off with climate chaos, chapters then in every country in the world save North Korea, when Kim Stanley Robinson gave us insight into using  imagination to create new possible futures in his Ministry for the Future and more…well, so much more I won’t attempt.  Except when you can talk with Monica Bourlein of Mother Jones or dream up a happy future sci-fi story with Climbing Poetree, well, those experiences can ‘t be matched.

I’ve attended Bioneers maybe 20 times – all marvelous as in SMART people who CARE and are DOING SOMETHING about it all. Inspiring as a conference should be but more. A community of man woman, child, animals and plants.  

Planetary mind travel, this time originating in Zellerbach Hall, UCBerkeley Campus.  So looking forward walking around camput – maybe to eat lunch – under my favorite tree  by Strawberry Creek where I used to let my German Shepherd swim.

The take-away this year us bound to be a mix of Rebecca Solnit, her  It’s Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility out 2 days ago!  That and so many marvelous new voices from indigenous and regeneration tribes and the important work of John Powers from UCB’s Othering and Belonging Institute.  And where did Joanna Macy go with The Great Turning?  Wow… see YOU there?


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