October 6th we gathered people in the Oasis Community Barn willing and able to DANCE WITH THE MONSTER, global warming and all that entails, and were deeply grateful for the opportunity. Dear friends, Linda Delair and Veronica Jacobi (running for State Senate and a great activist), brought us people, ideas, and a fine facilitator, Nelson Barry, founder, UrbanAngelsSF.com, which promises Food, Clothing and Love and occasionally even gets a homeless person off the street. Sweet humans on a mission! Or five missions. We were mainly absorbing their passion and message. IT’S NOT GAME OVER, IT’S GAME ON! we shouted together, hoping the group energy would propell us further along the long and winding road – 30 years, says Paul Hawken – to get to the actual DRAWDOWN point where you are sucking more carbon out of the air then polluting! Doable with huge effort. The Planet and its People are worth it, say I!

In a video, Paul Hawken, creator of DRAWDOWN with 200+ researchers, says the odds of getting this work done are long “but they’re just odds” he says, grinning, the challenge being through down to us all. Don’t just get busy, get something DONE!

Better than sitting at your desk listening to the news; better than a slap in the face, real possiblities of sequestering excess carbon from the atmosphere by 2050 – 30 years away – but still possible, says Paul Hawken of the DRAWDOWN “living document” that is a NYT best selling book and the basis for a movement.

Next up: Get Sonoma County to take the material seriously as has Marin County. Their October 3rd event was sold out weeks in advance and created a presentation for Bioneers Conference this next weekend at the Marin Civic Center. I’ll go Saturday and hope to be joined by several who joined us here.

So – go to DRAWDOWN on Facebook, sign up for Pachamama luncheon in November, get the vote out, buy an electric vehicle, and, yes, change you light bulbs. There’s a bumpy road ahead but when was that any different?

Bioneers Conference presents DRAWDOWN Marin Sat.10/20 at 2:45 at Marin Civic Center:

DRAWDOWN MARIN is a community-driven campaign to dramatically and systemically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, collaborating locally to slow and prepare for global climate change impacts to protect future generations. Learn about Marin’s effort to identify holistic solutions that the community is willing to implement, about our public-private-government partnership, our opportunities and challenges, and share with us what you know about inspiring bold action. The session will include videos, interactive presentations, and exciting small group conversations. Convened by Marin Climate Action Network: Leslie Alden, County of Marin Board of Supervisors, and Wendi Kallins, Sustainable Marin. With: David Kunhardt, Corte Madera Town Council, member Marin Climate Action Network, and Environmental Forum of Marin; Alex Porteshawver, Senior Sustainability Coordinator – Drawdown: Marin, County of Marin Sustainability Team

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