UPDATE! So manana/Friday is the 9/20 Global Youth Strike and we prepared by holding a silkscreening party in our barn, making fliers, banners, chunks of cloth imprinted with Extinction Rebellion and other symbols to be attached to clothing with safety pins, working alongside two philosophy teacher/organizers from SRJC and friends including one adorable girl, 4.   LET’S GET COLORFUL…and we now have a room devoted to silkscreening and other graphics for demonstrations.

Tomorrow in Petaluma, people are meeting up at the Libary, 11am, marching to City Hall.  Around us, Novato, Santa Rosa, San Rafael, Richmond, Berkeley, Oakland and many many more towns are in on this so you can put your zip code into #Strikewithus to get more info.

Our job tomorrow is tabling for Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance and our DRAWDOWN workshops, offered for schools, libraries, groups where people want to learn solutions to global warming so we can work on those.  We’ll be at Old Courthouse Square, Santa Rosa with a mob of young folks marching from the SRJC, leaving school for the Strike which started in August 2018 as Fridays for Future.

So glad to table for this! The Greta Generation (so named by Bill McKibben in this week’s TIME Magazine article, How Earth Survived, a must read for anyone who wants the full impact of climate crisis to become real for them) called it that and we’re doing our best to follow this fierce leader of youth, speaking the U.N. the second time at the General Secretary’s Climate Action Summit in October.

So if you must, listen to mainstream news, but better, listen to Greta, to Extinction Rebellion, to Naomi Klein, to Bill McKibben and Paul Hawken.  So glad we get to hear the last two at Bioneers next month.  Will blog on that to be sure!

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