Everything Bright and Beautiful? No?

Great challenge: keeping body (and soul) together...riding out the upcoming upheaval with integrity. Loved Henry Miller in Henry and June "Everything Bright and Beautiful" he would say while ruining his marriage and losing the status of lover (but not the friendship) of fellow trail-blazing writer, Anais Nin. Much racy copy! [...]

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Aqus Cafe @ Xmas: Make A Joyful Sound!

Holidaze 2016 wasn't going to be complete without singing with others. But we missed Wings of Glory and a few other opportunities getting ready for family. So what was GREAT was our friend, Duane Bellinger, called to say "community sing tonight at Aqus" and I told a friend and our [...]

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Post-election depression: my plan so far…

Coming out of dream time, I was Alice Through the Looking Glass with card people toppling over my head. Scary! But reminded myself they're all just playing cards. But then came the rift in the time-space continuem and its menacing hole which I swiftly moved away from. Don't want to [...]

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Rebuilding bridges after the election…tough call!

So I admit to more than a little anxiety about election results. We COULD get Trumped just as Russia is rattling sabers again and the Middle East is, well, afire! And the planet, of course, is on fire...millions of environmental refugees knocking on doors where people don't want to let [...]

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Bill Wolpert could protect the best interests of Petaluma

Please don't believe the robo calls about Bill Wolpert not supporting a Rainier Cross Town Connector. For years, Petaluma's moderate politicians have claimed they are "for" Rainier while "progressive" candidates are "against" it. This makes no sense as no one has ever been able to come up with a way [...]

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Tom Hayden passes … wish he’d lived in good health to 100…

A double-whammy for me: Tom Hayden's death just after hearing Bill McKibben at Bioneers makes me cry a bit, then I want to seize the day, Carpe Diem. As Bill McKibben said last weekend at The Bioneers Conference "Give it all you've got," referring then to all the efforts to [...]

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Bioneers Rolls Around Again 10/20-24 – thank you, thank you!

So what's up at Bioneers' 27th Conference at the still glorious Marin Civic Center (a turquise marvel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and kept beautiful by the people of Marin)? Keynotes this time are Bill McKibben (who told me farming was the most important thing we could when I bought [...]

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Ripple the World breakfast Thurs., Oct. 27th, 8am, could ROCK YOURS

Can't count the number of times we've gotten up extra early to get chores done and get to Ripple the World, the Sonoma-famous breakfast created by Daily Acts's Trathen Heckman and his tribe following after the mag. of the same name. We used to keep Ripple the World the magazine [...]

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Teaching Tolerance! Perfect timing…

So, possibly like you, I've been agast at the nasty tone of "our" Presidential election conversation - agast at police who shoot the unarmed, agast at outlandish racist representation of minorities, agast at the inhumane treatment of people the globe over toward men, women and children. Why can't we all [...]

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Building Bridges at Permaculture Convergence 2016

My partner, Wayne, and I attended North American Permaculture Convergence last Wed. - Sun. at Hopland's Solar Living Institute, a sort of paradise where you share mostly vegan food with a food ticket or potluck at the Community Kitchen, while working out solutions to climate and cultural challenges - a [...]

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