Kaleidoscope Cabaret Opens with Joy, Whimsy, Talent!

Many in our area know Heidi, the Custom Costume queen formerly of Cotati, now at home across from Lucky's on Petaluma Blvd. and sharing a wall with her BRAND NEW Kaleidoscope Cabaret. We're delighted we got in the door for the first ever show! Full house, free popcorn, water bottles, [...]

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Jerry Brown’s last State of the State speech 1/25/18 – Thanks, Jerry!

So glad to hear Jerry Brown's careful presentation of California's accomplishments, fears, challenges, and challenges...I mean, in the middle he had to go and say the Union of Concerned Scientists just moved the needle on the CLock of Doom to 2 minutes before midnight (annihilation via nuclear holocaust). BUT, he [...]

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Women’s March Come Again! Becoming our own leaders…

So Wayne and I along with a whole bus load of good friends made our priviledged way to SF aboard a bus with a toilet. Posh when you add champagne, chocolate, cheese and crackers. Sweetness of shared song, kids, dogs, sunshine, purpose...the energy of the Women's March (in SF) was [...]

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Repairing the Face of God and more…

So it's old news - last year's interview, actually, but David Remnick, editor of the New Yorker for low these many years, spent a few days with Leonard Cohen months before the fabled poet/songwriter passed and came away with some gems others may know from religious studies or other. "The [...]

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STEADFAST, the blog. Common Ground article and a way forward…

Great ideas fall on my head: Common Ground article, 43rd Anniversary Gratitude Issue, Small but Steadfast, stuck in my head as I've been ruminating on What Must Be Done while good work done by others over decades falls to the wayside in this alt-right Republican administration. Tax plan to benefit [...]

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Saving Shollenberger: Dutra Water Permit Denied! (for now)

So what's new in the fight to block Dutra Asphalt from completing its plant across from Shollenberger Park, the gateway to Petaluma? Seems a (partial) victory is at hand, thanks to years-long devotion to the issue by Petaluma River Council, who submitted Alternative Analysis of the Project and received this [...]

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Listening to Chris Hedges on youtube…and other scary stories.

So I've been remiss since that scary election last November - haven't even been able to get my thoughts strait as we seem under seige. We ARE...all our ethics challenged! Some light shed by Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize winning author, Presbyterian minister and prof at Yale - tells a scary [...]

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Petaluma Poetry Walk …great day for spoken word Sun., Sept. 17th

Start at the Seed Bank at 11am tomorrow, and follow the whole parade of Poetry Walk around Petaluma's downtown and it is likely to work like an extended meditation on the world and everything. For word smiths and affianados, it's a great day. For twenty-two years, Petaluma Poetry Walk has [...]

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DRAWDOWN climate change solutions 3: Microgrid and Geothemal

Digging a bit deeper into descriptions outlined in the book, DRAWDOWN, the compendium on HOW TO DRAWDOWN carbon in our atmosphers, we see alternative energy is way less expensive than conventional energy systems - and therefore apt to win out longterm in the energy wars. Our planet can survive and [...]

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DRAWDOWN climate change? Still possible says Paul Hawken and 160+ researchers

Dipping into Paul Hawken's new compilation/book, DRAWDOWN, I (still) find hope for a healthy planet. "Confucious wrote that calling things by their proper name is the beginning of wisdom," Drawdown chapter on Language begins. We must first know that decarbonization is a tool that describes the problem, "climate changes and [...]

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