Conversation with a fawn under the curly willow


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Bioneers roundup: Joy and Tears as we (skirt) apocalypse

Decompressing from three days at Bioneers in the still gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright Marin Civic Center...felt like I was pushed up against a brick wall waking this am...challenge is too weak a word for what comes next!  Exhausted, over-booked brain meets sore throat - but it's always well worth it! [...]

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Visions for a liveable future: Bioneers Conference at age 30…

Bioneers, the cheering section for climate activists!  We're going for three days.  So glad to be able to hear and maybe ask a question of Paul Hawken after we've presented his DRAWDOWN workshops (projects that reverse global warming) around Sonoma County, and for Bill McKibben, author, founder, 350.0rg, whose book, [...]

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3 Strikes in One! A week+ of Global Youth Climate Strikes…7.5 million people!

So I'm still catching up to myself a week after we devoted 6 days and more to events aimed at reversing global warming with justice before, during and after the Global Climate Youth Strike 9/20-9/27 called by the FAMOUS Greta Thunberg, 16, year old Swedish brave girl!  Watch her on [...]

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Strikewithus update update! Did you find your march? They’re ALL OVER THE PLACE!

UPDATE! So manana/Friday is the 9/20 Global Youth Strike and we prepared by holding a silkscreening party in our barn, making fliers, banners, chunks of cloth imprinted with Extinction Rebellion and other symbols to be attached to clothing with safety pins, working alongside two philosophy teacher/organizers from SRJC and friends [...]

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#Strikewithus 9/20 update! Youth Strike WEEK in our area…

For the Global Youth Strike WEEK starting this Fri. noon, we're tabling for DRAWDOWN workshops (presenting 80 projects that reverse global warming), @ Old Courthouse Square, 500 4th St. Santa Rosa, but we coulda stayed closer to home for this march and rally as I found MULTI strike's listed in [...]

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YOU CAN Join GLOBAL YOUTH STRIKE 9/20, noon, Courthouse Sq., Santa Rosa

So HOW can Sonoma County folks boost the upcoming HUGE GLOBAL YOUTH STRIKE 9/20 called by famed Swedish Greta Thunberg, 16, and just the beginning of ongoing climate actions designed to lead to adoption of the Green New Deal and serious reversal of climate crisis with justice? Come to Santa Rosa's [...]

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Empathy 101 to STOP the SHOOTING (shooters are hurt people)

So everyone is shocked - AGAIN?  At the two mass shooters we never heard of...and maybe that's the trouble? Recall as a child, the kid, Eddie W., who no one spoke with.  His bro had gone to jail for joyriding a small airplane; Eddie loved to throw knives at other [...]

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Cinderella Liberator: Rebecca Solnit for Kids of All Ages

I haven't found a Rebecca Solnit book I don't cherish and possibly this one the most: Cinderlla Liberator, brand spanking new,  shifts all the attitudes that got us into trouble in fairy tales to get to the good stuff. Self respect; love, humor, equality. Yum. Have always been a fan of the [...]

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Remembering Suzi Creamcheese the Chicken.

    Suzi Creamcheese as a young thing in the house. So I haven't written TOO much about chicken communications, though they take a fair share of mindspace each day, what with about 60 of the critters, but Suzi Creamcheese has died and needs to be remembered.  Didn't seem ill; [...]

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