Empathy 101 to STOP the SHOOTING (shooters are hurt people)

So everyone is shocked - AGAIN?  At the two mass shooters we never heard of...and maybe that's the trouble? Recall as a child, the kid, Eddie W., who no one spoke with.  His bro had gone to jail for joyriding a small airplane; Eddie loved to throw knives at other [...]

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Cinderella Liberator: Rebecca Solnit for Kids of All Ages

I haven't found a Rebecca Solnit book I don't cherish and possibly this one the most: Cinderlla Liberator, brand spanking new,  shifts all the attitudes that got us into trouble in fairy tales to get to the good stuff. Self respect; love, humor, equality. Yum. Have always been a fan of the [...]

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Remembering Suzi Creamcheese the Chicken.

    Suzi Creamcheese as a young thing in the house. So I haven't written TOO much about chicken communications, though they take a fair share of mindspace each day, what with about 60 of the critters, but Suzi Creamcheese has died and needs to be remembered.  Didn't seem ill; [...]

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Don’t Quit! The odds (of beating climate crisis) are long, but they’re just odds, says Paul Hawken

Climate news, if you care to hear it, is grim in many areas!  The ocean's fish nursery, coral reefs, are mostly dead and dying; the ice cliffs of Antartica, falling into the sea, are raising sea levels, putting millions of human and animal homes under water. WE, North Bay people, [...]

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Green New Deal Town Hall: Making Climate Justice Sing!

The first ever Green New Deal Town Hall in our county (GND having just completed a country-wide tour) brought dedicated young Sunrise Movement people before maybe 500 of us, energizing, giving the future a lift.  And our local good guys and gals from Farmers Guild, Jobs with Justice, North Bay [...]

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Just in Time: Petaluma City Council Declares Climate Emergency!

In a unanamous YES vote, Petaluma City Council agreed to a Resolution to Declare Climate Emergency, joining our neighbors in Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, Santa Cruz, Hoboken, London, Melbourne, way more cities...to take up the work of reversing global warming with justice (at least we'll give it the old college try!!!) [...]

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Sunrise in Chico: Saving the Humans with Green New Deal

So Wayne and I drove way beyond our usual to Chico because we couldn't miss the Sunrise Tour - as they say it "8 Massive Tour Stops and 100+ Town Halls" across the county to save the planet from injustice and global warming. You gotta do both or suffer terrific [...]

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Live from Luchessi! Goal Setting Session held high hopes…

Before we even got indoors for Petaluma City Council Goal Setting session, friends from WORK Petaluma and Climate Mobilization and others pulled together a rally outdoors. Great, multi-generational crowd! I'd put up fliers downtown. Noticed young folks from Sunrise, NBOP, 350 Petaluma, Daily Acts, Sonoma County Democratic Committee and others. [...]

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Pachamama and CEO of Bucky Fuller Institute – brilliant!

Am grateful everyday at some point, knowing we have become Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance. We get the chance to challenge ourselves and do likely the best work of our lives to help reverse global warming with the support of Pachamama Alliance, SF and globally, as it saves a huge swath [...]

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Wild Ride to Conquer Climate Crisis: Teams lining up!

So I've been out of the writerly loop lately though AMAZINGLY engaged in the political arena. We're now Sonoma County Pachamama Alliance bringing the DRAWDOWN materials from Paul Hawken to Sonoma County city by city (next up: Santa Rosa's Arlene Frances Center Thurs. May 9th). To hopefully get clear on [...]

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