The Road Ahead: Sonoma County Resiliency Town Hall

Grateful I am that our SoCo board of Supervisors along with responsible, VERY hard working representatives of local climate activist groups, held a first Sonoma County Climate Action and Resiliency Town Hall April 6th. You can view the zoom at YouTube  Sonoma County Climate Action and Resiliency Town Hall  or on [...]

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, alive and well and living in my head…

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, dead at 101; missed by many, made a home for poets and freethinkers. I was impressed and still am. As a 20 something, I hitchhiked across the Bay maybe 10 times from Berkeley to City Lights Bookstore in North Beach, San Francisco, a comb and libary card with [...]

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How to know what’s useful to do now.

So we all took a deep breath of gratitude after the orange ogar left the Capital. But retreat to our couch doesn't do a damn thing save get you fat.  Would rather get outdoors, then stay well informed and take action that is truly useful with some help from great [...]

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Inspiring: Dalai Lama and Greta; The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

We haven't even taken a deep breath since our POTUS was impeached a second time, and I'm feeling more able to think!  Good thing; more work ahead than we've ever done! Who can save us? Us...but let's mentor loads of boys and girls to bring up the rear! So I [...]

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Think our world fell apart in 2020 ? Climb aboard rollercoaster 2021!

OK; good news!  Democrats took Georgia; friends of the Proud Boys may have breached the Whitehouse, but nobody got killed - yet.  Civil War quashed before it took off, one hopes. Back to making sense amidst chaos.   This New Year's week, I can see a bit more clearly.  Plenty of [...]

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Becoming an Antiracist…me, Ibram X. Kendi, James Baldwin and more…

So it seems BLACK LIVES MATTER had its day? NO!  My people (White) haven't made real inroads into what being a Person of Color (POC) even means in our culture, let alone how to solve economic and social inequities in our laws.  Getting a handle on how very unjust our [...]

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Ripple the World runs through it…crises, joy, community

Just participated in the first streamed Daily Acts' Ripple the World event (Friday am 10/16). Though I missed the hundreds of people I always relish walking through, deciding who to strike up a conversation with, the Best Networking all Year, as I say, this quieter online version proved to be equally [...]

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What Can I Do? asks Jane Fonda. Answers here!

Civil disobedience is the new norm, says Jane Fonda,  known for her role as sexy alien Barbarella - and as Hanoi Jane during the Vietnam War while protesting war IN Vietnam! Her book, just out, is What Can I Do?  My Path from Climate Despair to Action.  Now, age 82! [...]

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SIPing, suffering isolation and get me to a liveable future!

So far, COVID-19 has no forseeable end, financial crisis is in the works, climate crisis also, and we're all freaking out quietly or noisily as the case may be.  Screaming in your car (when not driving) is OK, but don't want to excite any people nearby who MAY have contracted [...]

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Frances Moore Lappe’ @ Praxis Peace: Saving Democracy and our Small Planet.

Was heartened just before the COVID-19 quarantine when Praxis Peace Institute in Sonoma, brought Frances Moore Lappe' to town, famous for her Diet for a Small Planet, and advocate for  a heathy democracy and planet.  A "canopy of hope" is what her current book, Daring Democracy, offers and it is available widely. [...]

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