Get thee to Petaluma Art Center Member Show! Through SUN. 1/24.

Stopped off end of errand time at Petaluma Arts Center - sorry to have missed a few great exhibits; Scott Hess's Black Artists on Art among those, sadly. So determined NOT to miss our friends in the Members show. I counted EIGHT exhibitors we know well. Wonderful talented imaginative transportational...what [...]

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A Better World is Possible: Shepherd Bliss, Richard Heinberg, KOWS FM Mon. 1/18, 5pm

On A Better World is Possible - new RADIO show on KOWS FM - Shepherd Bliss interviews Richard Heinberg Mon. 1/18, 5pm. Hear a clear and studied explanation of how we're doing vs. climate change from Heinberg, an early leader in the field, whose books include Peak Everything, The Party's [...]

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Nobody talks about New Year’s Cleaning…

I guess we all need a good brainwashing about now? I don't mean others imposing their will on yours - I mean clearing of the heads, hearts, figuring out what you actually want to do with your hands. Clearing the cobwebs; removing the lint. This would be New Year's Cleaning? [...]

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Pray for Paris! Keep fossil fuels in the Ground! Go Jerry, save planet!

COP21, the UN Climate Conference coming to Paris TODAY.."never have the stakes been so high" - 181+ heads of state have made pledges - including our own Jerry Brown arriving as if he's President of a country! Mayors from all over our country were rounded up by Robert Redford. The [...]

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Frances Moore Lappe’ at rollout of N. Coast Heritage Grain Alliance

First visit to the Healdsburg SHED "a modern grange" was quite wonderful. Had come to hear Frances Moore Lappe'at the rollout of the North Coast Heritage Grain Alliance, a very hopeful combinatiion. Info on NCHGA is at http://www.grainalliance.org/news.html Their mission: To provide California's North Coast region with education and support [...]

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Climate Mobilization TOMORROW in Oakland (11/21) called by 350.org and 199 groups!

Come if you at all can...10:30am at Lake Merritt Amphitheater. May still be room on a bus (check for bus info and to rsvp. But, of course, there's plenty of room on the grass so just come if you can! There isn't anything more important than dealing with climate crisis [...]

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Petaluma Grange Emergency Forum offers advice to save livestock

So Petaluma Grange President, Tiffany Renee, her helpful techie husband, Jaimey Walkingbear and Grange Secretary/video editor, Kelly Collins pulled together an excellent talk and workshop on how to protect and take care of animals in emergencies Wednesday night at the Library. Petaluma Community Access (PCA) sent two camera people and [...]

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Engaged Optimism @ Building Resilient Communities Convergence, Hopland Oct. 9-12

Fall and we're all ampted up to get stuff done before winter, the holidaze. Tough to keep deadlines whirring while thinking of all the problems that beset man and woman kind - but, thankfully, some skillful, dedicated people are in the trenches daily to do the heavy lifting for and [...]

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Seed Satyagraha: Civil Disobedience to End Seed Slavery fr. Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva, author of 20 books including Water Wars Privatization Pollution and Profit and Making Peace With the Earth was again keynote speaker at the National Heirloom Festival, called "The World's Fair of Pure Food," this week. She was again insightful and inspiring the audience to action. "Control seed and [...]

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Save Our Seeds: March at Ferry Bldg., 11am TODAY…

YOU COULD JOIN IN IF YOU LEAVE NOW - OR STAY TUNED AND FIND A WAY TO FIGHT THIS BACKWARD MOTION: Great thing to join a huge crowd of people actually attempting to be do-gooders - at the Ferry Bldg. SF 11am TODAY to march to Civic Center. AB2470, the [...]

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