Great RiseforClimate march… Next: Global Climate Action Summit!

RiseforClimate, Sat. 9/8's SF rally calling on global leaders to deepen their committment to renewable energy, jobs and justice, to the Paris climate Agreement,(Save the Planet!), preceded the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) Sept. 12-14 on purpose. The focus on 100% renewable energy was muted a bit by so very [...]

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More on RiseforClimate Jobs and Justice, SAT., noon, Civic Center SF!

So this serves as an intro - or reminder - that multi-thousands of optimists (or activists who just can't let go of a positive outcome) will gather at SF Civic Center, noon on Sat. 9/8 to boost "Keep It In The Ground" - fossil fuels, that is, along with jobs [...]

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RiseforClimate – HUGE rally! SF Sat. Sept. 8th…we’ll be there!

RiseforClimate! So many groups going Sat. Sept. 8th - I'm not even going to list! We're on the bus, the 350.org bus, get tickets!!! North Bay Organizing Project (NBOP) also running buses so check w. either for your seat - leaving Petaluma around 10:20am from Lakeville Park & Ride. Glad [...]

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Plastric Free LIFE? Floating in that direction…

So was gratified to see, read, hear about Plastic Free July though we didn't manage to BE plastic free - moving in that direction; taking packaging out of our lives, less to landfill, more in the recycle bins! Use of wax-infused cotton cloths (Etsee) to cover dishes in the frig., [...]

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Can Carbon Farming Reverse Global Warming? True!

Years of hoping there is a provable way to curb or reverse global warming, and recently we learned that John Wick and Marin Carbon Project makes it clear SCIENCE that use of compost, can actually SUCK CARBON out of the air! Called carbon farming, the practice is documented in scientific [...]

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Zero Waste, SoCo! Thx, Recology; 350 Bay Area, N. Bay Labor Council, Renewable Sonoma

Felt priviledged to be in the audience for Building a Movement for Good Jobs and Zero Waste at Aqus Cafe, Petaluma, couple of Monday's ago as Laura Neish, ED, 350 Bay Area, and her friends from Recology, our waste hauler AND composting teacher, explained how new goals and new equipment [...]

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Aqus Cafe brings Zero Waste advocates Mon. 6/18, 7p

Wrote 2 articles for Sonoma County Gazette on Recycling, Sonoma Style, hoping to rebutt my partner, Wayne's contention that "recycling is a myth". Sigh. At that point, The Ratto Group was sited as having delivered up to 50% trash in its recycling - just outworn equipment and bad policy. I [...]

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Petaluma’s 1st Transhuman Festival: Carbon Farming, Food Sovereinty and fun

So glad our farm lady, Abigail, got us out of the house yesterday to attend the first ever Transhuman Festival at David Yearsley River Center, Petaluma! Was a sweet, oddly intimate, yet special event with all the right elements - delish Cowgirl Creamery cheese and meat appetizers, a flock of [...]

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Feminism 101: Handmaid’s Tale – You Don’t Own Me!

So watched the Handmaid's Tale PBS series, noting my partner, Wayne, recalled the book being banned at his high school! Many friends read the book or watched the recent or 1990 film or TV series. MUST BE IMPORTANT! The series is brilliant in my eyes. It brings all manor of [...]

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DRAWDOWN: breaking down solutions to reverse global warming with Paul Hawken

Paul Hawken's DRAWDOWN holds 80 solutions of over 100 studied, which, if implemented, could actually reverse the horrific effects of global warming. The book and movement of the same name: DRAWDOWN — The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming - and also the most purchased environmental book [...]

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